Throughout each cricket season, we hold monthly meetings to discuss all matters in cricket umpiring.
Our monthly meetings are now held at our new home base,The Southern Umpires Association Rooms,(SUA) McCulloch Ave,Seaford.
Each meeting will be chaired by our President.
‎Agenda's will be emailed to members,week prior to each upcoming meeting.
Our Umpires Advisor will also conduct short coaching clinics, with a Q and A session to follow.
Any General business is also raised from present and previous meetings.
All current members are strongly encouraged to attend these very informative meetings along with our recently retired members and Life Members, as it is a great opportunity to catch up with your fellow umpiring colleagues and to discuss and share in all matters  of cricket.
Social functions and dates will also be announced at our monthly meetings.
Light refreshments are served at the conclusion of each meeting.
* If any members wish to raise any items in general business they can contact our group at the email address at bottom of this page or see our contacts page.
Dates of monthly meetings during the season will be alerted in our News/Events bulletin and posted on our front page.


email and enquiries: